About me

Some may call it a house but you call it a “Home”, with my 12 years’ experience in the property industry within the county of Northamptonshire one thing has become clear, your house is more than a collection of bricks and mortar – it’s the backdrop to your story. Few sellers of properties see it merely as a business transaction, it has been an investment of efforts, attention and finances and where you have built life long memories and that is why I believe your property deserve more….

I will always showcase your property with the pride it truly deserves. it is my job to bring your property to life, to make it stand out from the crowd and present it in way that creates desire using solid and traditional estate agent best practise with innovative and groundbreaking marketing techniques and idea’s to find you your perfect buyer at the right price.

As one, if not your biggest and most significant financial investments coupled with the upheaval involved in the moving process, we understand the impact this can have on your wellbeing and stress. This is why at the heart of our business is our accessibility to you, so whenever you have that worry or that burning question I will be here to listen and guide you through the process whatever the time of day.

You will never be just another house seller to me. It is a bespoke service by design so the care and attention I can give you through the process will be first-class and second to none from the moment I step through your door to undertake the valuation to the last day of the journey when you reach completion.

So, wherever you are in the process, whether you have a home to sell or you’re just thinking about moving and just need some friendly advice then call Carl Myers I am YOUR BESPOKE ESTATE AGENT.

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